Rothgarr the (Un?)slain

Constant yelling and a big hammer can get you through a lot in life.




Nigel Mortinstien was born and raised in Torunda, the son of two bakers on the lower end of town. Picked on and shoved around by the other kids because of his name, he decided at a young age he needed a change, and that it wouldn’t happen by itself. While other kids were playing or learning their trades, Nigel set off on his own to forge his legend. Later that day he was captured by slavers. Soon he was sold to a magician looking for the mystical Storm King’s Hammer. As a way of expediting the treasure hunt, Mazz “The Mad” performed mostly unsuccessful experiments on his slaves to make them stronger. All but one of his trials succeeded, unluckily for him. The newfound strength given to Nigel ensured that he could pull the magical Earth Breaker from it’s tomb deep within the ground, however it was not handed over to Mazz in the way he intended it to be. With one swift strike, Nigel (Now calling himself Rothgarr, it seemed more fitting) destroyed the mage’s tower and assuming everybody inside was dead, Mortinstien left. With justice and truth just a swing away, Rothgarr set out upon the world.

Rothgarr the (Un?)slain

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