Tag: Villain


  • Dr. Horrid

    Dr. Horrid, real name Dr. Henry Harbinger, is an Alchemist who faced against The League when he brought life to a flesh golem he made from a few corpses he robbed from the graveyard in Coast City.

  • Tyraneus Lex

    Tyraneus Lex is the Magistrate of the Capital City's western district. He has strong political control and is alleged by few as a corrupt bureaucrat. However, due to his exceptional oratory skills Lex has been able to sway the people's support in his …

  • Sheriff of Capital City

    The Sheriff of Capital City, whose name is never known, is the right hand man of the Magistrate Tyraneus Lex. His nasty disposition made him the perfect man to work under Lex, and he too has a personal vendetta against the Red Robin.

  • Doom

    Doom is a mysterious villain who the party encountered briefly. He can turn invisible and uses a bastard sword. He wears a dark green cloak and heavy armor underneath.

  • The Storm King

    The Storm King is an ancient godlike being who was sealed away a long time ago. By accident the League unleash the Storm King and he possess the body of Rothgarr who currently wields his hammer.